Web Application Tutorial


This tutorial does not attempt to be comprehensive and cover every single feature available in Ringo. Instead, it walks you through the creation of a simple wiki and touches on the most important concepts and modules. Nonetheless the later sections of this tutorial are about more advanced topics like middleware authoring and java integration.

I assume you already have Ringo installed. See Get Started if you need help with that.

Table of Contents

  1. Ringo Overview Introducing the basic concepts and features

  2. Installing Packages Installing packages, discussion of packages used in this tutorial

  3. A Ringo web application Ringo's Httpserver - responding to HTTP requests

  4. A Stick web application Stick web framework for URL routing and more

  5. Database mapping - the ringo-sqlstore ORM Mapping and querying the database

  6. Templates Output dynamic content

  7. Processing data Post-, Query-parameters and a simple edit form

  8. Middleware & Sessions Session support and writing custom middleware

  9. Java Integration Scripting Java with Ringo

  10. Bits and pieces - logging, unit tests, workers


If you run into trouble do not hesitate to ask for help on Ringo's Mailinglist or you can ask us via @RingoJS on Twitter.