Scripting Java with JavaScript

Storing the revisions as full text is wasteful. We could just store the differences between the revisions. Typical diff algorithms you might know from version control system only deal with per-line differences. For natural text this is not very useful. We want to see character by character changes.

The "google-diff-match-patch" library does just that. It is available in multiple languages - even JavaScript - but for performance reasons and because I want to talk about Java integration, we will use the Java version.

If you wonder what "character by character changes" mean, try the demo here: http://neil.fraser.name/software/diff_match_patch/svn/trunk/demos/demo_diff.html.

Mention http://mozilla.org/rhino/ScriptingJava.html and other resources

Download the zip file and extract the java file "java/diff_match_patch.java" into a new directory "./lib" in our wiki directory. Then compile the java file with (I assume you have a Java Development Kit installed!)

$ javac diff_match_patch.java

// FIXME to be continued