Module middleware/route

Middleware for HTTP method based local request routing.

This installs get, post, put, del and options methods in the application object for routing requests with the corresponding HTTP methods. These methods take a path spec as first argument and a function as second argument.

Paths and Placeholders

The path spec can consist of static parts and placeholders. Named placeholders are prefixed by : (colon) and match all characters except for / (slash) and . (dot). A named placeholder can be marked as optional by appending ? (question mark). Unnamed placeholders are denoted by the asterisk character * and match all characters including slashes and dots.

In the following example, ":id" is a named placeholder:


All placeholders are passed to the action function as positional arguments following the request object in the order in which they appear in the path spec. Unmatched optional placeholders will be undefined.

app.get("/post/:id", function(req, id) {...});

Reverse Routing

The route middleware supports generating URLs from route names and parameters required by the route.

Routes names can either be defined explicitly by passing the route name as third argument, or are derived from the route's path spec by stripping out all placeholders and removing a leading slash. For example, a path spec /post/:id.html results in route name "post.html". If a path spec does not contain any static part, its route name is "index".

Passing a valid route name and the parameters required by the route to the route.reverse method will return the URI path for the corresponding action. For example, with a route spec /post/:id.html, calling app.route.reverse({action: "post.html", id: 5}) will return the string "/post/5.html".

The [stick/helpers][helpers] module provides higher level helpers for reverse routing including support for mounted applications.


app.get("/", function() {...})
app.get("/", function() {...}, "index")
app.post("/", function(req) {...})
app.get("/:id.:format?", function(req, id, format) {...})
app.del("/:id", function(req, id) {...})
app.put("/:id", function(req, id) {...})


middleware (next, app)

Middleware for HTTP method based local request routing.


Function next

the wrapped middleware chain

Object app

the Stick Application object



a JSGI middleware function