Contribute to the Community

Submit Packages

You can upload your packages an packages.ringojs.org, the Ringo package registry. If you already know npm from Node.js, it will be easy to use the rp command-line tool to publish your Ringo modules and share them with other users. Please use semantic versioning for your packages to make dependency tracking easier. You find more information on the documentation page about packages.


RingoJS is on Twitter. Follow us to keep up with latest development!

Mailing List

We have a mailing list hosted on Google Groups. You're welcome to ask questions there, or just say hello and tell us how you're using Ringo.


Main developer Hannes Wallnöfer (aka hns) has started a Ringo related weblog.

Contributing Code

To contribute a patch please fork the GitHub ringojs repository and push your changes to your own tree. When you think your code is ready and stable create a pull request in the main repository to have your changes merged.

Please make sure to only propose one feature or bug fix per pull request. Mixing a lot of stuff into one pull request needlessly complicates and delays handling. Also take a look at the coding standard.

Before pouring serious work into some new feature it may be a good idea to let us know via the mailing list or on IRC. This way you avoid duplicating work or pouring effort into something that has little chance to be accepted in the main tree.